About Us

We know that people are always in a continuous hunt for the simplest way of living life. Whether it’s a
tool for your kitchen, a tech piece that functions multi-ways, or a personal necessity that provides
fulfillment, you don’t have to switch online shops anymore, you can find all that you need here at Live
We host several items intended for your beauty and healthcare because we believe that wellness should
be at the topmost priority of a human person. No need to stick with the manual or the physical-labor
inducing tactics of the past. You need quick and compelling results without the added price of
unnecessary markups.
Health and fitness is a life aspect that most people struggle with nowadays because of continued
promotions of sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy work-life balance. Because we believe that everyone
deserves a healthy life, we also sell products that will make integrating fitness and health suitable to the
lifestyle you have.
Our online shop caters to the finer things in life. It doesn’t have to be the diamond-riddled, doesn’t have
to be overly-extravagant or truly expensive. For a simple life, you’ll only need the unwavering charm,
bold and firm fashion pieces that’ll accentuate your own light.
As a newly-established enterprise, people may wonder of how the origins of the brand came to be. This
came with a random inspiration and the purposeful mission of the business to help people live their lives
with simplicity. Established only this 2019, we want to go beyond our consumer’s expectations and
demands. We offer free shipping for orders over $50. Our communication lines are also open for
concerns, feedbacks and recommendations. Our payment channels are also updated for your
convenience. It doesn’t matter if you’ll pay through PayPal, or debit cards, we make shopping safe and
secure for you.
Feel free to browse our collections and marvel to our hand-picked selections. Shop now and see how
your life will become a beacon of modesty, comfort and simplicity. Always remember that in Live Simply,
we provide simple things for your simple living.