Meluka 100% Organic Raw Hemp Seed Honey 300g


Meluka 100% Organic Raw Hemp Seed Honey 300g

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  • NATURES SWEETENER: Whether youre after a sugar substitute for baking, a replacement for unhealthy snacks, or an all-natural sweetener for yoghurt, our hempseed honey is the ideal choice, and the first of its kind product on the market.
  • GIFTS FROM THE HONEY BEE: All Meluka honey is unheated and unpasteurized,ensuring it retains all of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes you need to boost your health and maintain wellbeing. Raw honey is also a great digestive aid, as well as being rich in antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to assist to soothe a sore throat, cough, or provide cold relief.
  • REAL ORGANIC HONEY: Hemp seed powder is well known for being high in protein, vitamins A, C, D, E and high concentrations of the B-complex vitamins including thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid, as well as being rich in essential fatty acids. Our bodies dont produce them, so we need to consume them from the food we eat - these are the good fats we want to be consuming! When hemp seeds are combined with our Australian honey, it creates a delicious superfood blend that delivers a nu
  • GIFT PACK: Meluka honey makes the perfect gift for men and women! Our unfiltered honey is naturally gluten-free and makes a delicious treat, would be a great addition to a cheese board or tea to make a yummy set!
  • BEST TASTE & QUALITY: Our hemp seed blend has a rich, nutty flavor for healthy, delicious snacking and is produced by bees foraging from the pristine rainforest wetlands nestled within the Bungawalbyn Valley of the Northern Rivers Region in Australia, or the 'healing ground' as it is known by the traditional Bundjalung people of Northern New South Wales in Australia.

Meluka honey has done it again with 100% pure, organic, raw unfiltered Hemp Seed Honey! Produced by bees foraging from native Australian Melaleuca (tea tree), Jelly Bush, Eucalyptus, and other seasonal native wildflowers, Meluka honey is unheated, unpasteurized, and unprocessed, ensuring it retains all of the nutrients and enzymes, just as the bees intended. This first of its kind on the market blend has a thick, luscious texture with a sweet, nutty flavor and visible ground hemp seed goodness. This unique blend will interest those who are after something a little unique and different. Our Hemp seed honey is an all-natural sugar substitute or a tasty after-school or post-workout snack. You could even drizzle it on your pancakes, waffles, and other breakfast treats like a syrup. It beats other toppings for both health and taste. It can also be added to shakes, smoothies, and yogurt for a delicious, nutritious superfood blend. Known for its antibacterial properties, raw honey is perfect for use as a digestion aid, cough syrup, or immunity booster. Our hemp seed honey pairs well with homemade bread, tea, granola, oatmeal, and so much more.

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